LeoThreads: Making Content Creators Out Of Anyone

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By now, it is obvious to anyone who is on LeoThreads how it is changing things. We see the ability to micrblog on Hive, something that opens the door up to many more pepple.

So far, we are coming up with creative ways to use threads. One that appears to be catching on is Threadcasts. These are threads that are opened relating to a particular broadcast. We see them being utilized by the AMA, Cryptomaniacs, and CTT shows.

This is, of course, not relegated to just Hive related content. We see threadcasts being started for sporting events. One that is very popular of late is for EPL football. It is regularly getting a few hundred comments in them.

Personally, I feel this is something that LeoThreads needs to highlight. It is an advantage the platform brings. Anyone who is on a show using a threadcast knows the interaction changes.

There is, however, something else that is proving very successful.

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Threadstorms Make Anyone A Content Creator

We understand that many are not interested and/or adept at writing long form content. Threads naturally adds another element since people can simply post shorter content.

That said, we do have something else that can help people. It is the threadstorm. This is similar to a Twitter Storm. Basically, what happens is someone posts a thread and then repeatedly comments on it. The idea is to take an idea that cannot be summed up in 240 characters and create something larger.

For this interesting, here is an example of a Threadstorm.

This can be for anything. There is no limit to what one can be. It can be completely original or something that is a summary of another article.

For example, let us say you read an article on some mainstream publication. We will focus upon technology, specifically the development of AI in medicine. You read this article, deciding to create a Treadstorm. From this article, you might pull 8-10 main pieces, each serving as a comment under the main thread.

Now you have created content without having to write a 500 or 750 word post. At the same time, you put yourself in position to earn some rewards. This will not take but a couple minutes, benefiting both the platform and individual.

Here is the true key: this can be for any content.

Hence, we can take articles that are posted on Leofinance or Peakd and do the same thing. Take the article link and post it at the end of the Threadstorm. This way you are directing readers to the original source if interested but producing more content for the platform. This, of course, helps all parties interested.

It also creates another internal link if pulling Leofinance content.

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