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And the day arrives! Today is the day SEED gets 'officially' fully diluted (it already is). And like every other launching process, problems arise. We have at least two.

  • HIVE is out of control.
  • 'Backed' value of SEED assets exceeds 400K$ (That means that even in full dilution, SEED is already worth +4$).

Well, problems. This is only good news after all. But... BUT!

With Hive at 1,8$ , fair price of SEED 'should' be 2,33 HIVE or 4,33$ , However, people keeps refusing to dump and to set a sell wall at around 2,5-3 hive and some others keep buying small dents at prices as high as 4,2 hive or 7,56$!

Just, just... astonishing. Congratz on your diamond hands, SEED holders.


Long story short; I 'can't' peg the price at 4$

And probably it's my fault, but honestly didn't expect mooning like that in such a short timespan.

The 3500 SEED are ready at @seed-treasury account, and the first sell orders will land on market in less than an hour (exactly at 12 pm UTC). I'll follow a few rules:

  • I'll put smaller orders for sale (eg, chunks of 500 SEED) rather than a big one of +2000.
  • I'll NEVER trigger existing limit orders (that means I won't dump the actual price, If the actual price is 2,85 hive I'll put the sell order at 2,9 hive).
  • If someone wants to buy all at once, I WON'T CANCEL the sell orders. So, If you're interested in buying a chunk of SEED and start buying it in small chunks, no worries, I won't cancel that order right away to raise the price.

However, I don't expect the SEED to fly from the market in no time, far from it. Hopefully, the sale keeps going on for a few weeks and more people are able to add a bit more.

I think that's all you need to know. Also remember that's a ''first-come, first-served'' model.
I recommend that If you're planning to buy for some time, don't ''expect the price to go down to buy cheaper''. Can happen, or not...

I think everything has been said. See you on the other side.

Good luck everyone!

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