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The Rise Of Algorithmic Stablecoins
The Rise Of Algorithmic Stablecoins Even though the united states government is now ramping up major attacks vs crypto and not actully protecting investors it's clear their main goal now is to try and destroy crypto and make it illegal. The reason they are skirttail it and not out right saying it is...
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@scaredycatguide-7 hours ago
Bitcoin Consolidating High and Tight

The price action on bitcoin is quite interesting of late. Just as it looked like price was gonna break down and head toward a test of 25k - boom it put in a solid green day and gri...

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@dalz-20 hours ago
Top Hive Earners By Category | Authors, Curators, Witnesses, DAO | March 2023

March was a month with ups and downs for crypto, but overall it looks like the crypto prices ended same as they started. A crab month. It was a similar situation for HIVE as well....

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Community Token Talk Podcast70@cttpodcast-2 hours ago
Community Token Talk Podcast - Ep. 65 | Why are Crypto Companies getting sued?

▶️ Watch on 3Speak The CTT Podcast is hosted by @starkerz and @theycallmedan, co-founders of @threespeak. Twitter Space Recording CTT Links: I made a map of how Hive Power is distr...

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@themarkymark-3 days ago
Blocktrades secures victory against Justin Sun

By now, I am sure most people have heard the lawsuit vs Steemit Inc (aka Justin Sun) was concluded recently. You can read some of the case history here, specifically the final post...


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@bala41288-a minute ago
My Splinterlands earnings report

Splinterlands is one of the best active income and passive income-generating games on Hive. Some people have the time to play every day and some people don't have the time to play...

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@alokkumar121-6 minutes ago
I Powered up Hive on HPUD

Today marks the first day of the month and its celebrated as Hive Power Up day. I have seen multiple posts about the hpud which is a community event in which people are powering up...

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Nkemakonam8972@nkemakonam89-10 minutes ago
Learn how to prepare bean cakes for breakfast - #creative Sunday

Hello my fellow creative minds. It's another beautiful Sunday where we showcase our creativity in this community. Image designed by me using canva Today, I will be showing you how...

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@decoding-17 minutes ago
Post Covid Recession and Cryptocurrency

I remember when Covid broke out in China and we would watch the news effecting people in China while it continued to grow until we saw the virus taking the whole world in its hands...

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henruc57@henruc-19 minutes ago
Daily Focus 1 Apr 23 Gold League, opened 10 boxes! 2 cards Good luck guys! #opg #pgm #sbt

Daily Focus 1 Apr 23 Gold League, opened 10 boxes! 2 cards Good luck guys! #opg #pgm #sbt

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Kibou7 (vrezyy)69@vrezyy-27 minutes ago

|In order to use or sell these NFTs, you must have a SPLINTERLANDS account.And for those of you who haven't created an account, you can join using my link| |-| Hello Hive users (Es...

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@reeta0119-27 minutes ago
Did my Part on Hive Power Up Day

HPUD or Hive Power Up day is a monthly community event and I try to take part every month. I was not much action last year with HPUD but this year I am trying to participate every...

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@femcy-willcy-30 minutes ago
Learn how to manage your debt in business

First I must say that having too much debt can crumble and destroy our business when it is not well managed. What is debt? Debt is something, usually money, owed by one party to an...

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Luis Estaba63
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@luisestaba23-33 minutes ago

Welcome crypto enthusiasts and general Hive readers to this article about the HIVE cryptocurrency! This is a very general overview, but if you want a more in-depth analysis or to t...

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NEO72@neopch-38 minutes ago
Tokenized Communities on Hive #Short

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Short clip about tokenized communities from today's CTT Podcast on Twitter Spaces. Stay Safe Peace. /NEO Who is NEO? \*\*\*Legal disclaimer: I am not a financial...

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DIEGO Reyes68@dirego1-41 minutes ago
Rising Star Giveaway Mas ganadores Sorteo (diario) 3000 starbits y más 1 pizza

hola a toda a la comunidad de ↓blockchain Gaming para el dia de hoy el ganador del sorteo es ↓ @ladymisa gracias por participar, sea bienvenido a este gran mundo de rising star gam...

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buggedout71@buggedout-an hour ago
Trialing a LEO Curation Trail with PrideOfLEO

I mentioned the other day that I was Reviewing (my) LEO Curation Account to see if there were some better uses for my LEO stake. I asked for suggestions and do appreciate all the c...

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@faquan-an hour ago
Draft on the New UI goes live - write and save contents on LeoThreads

Greetings to my esteemed Lions on the LeoFinance ecosystem and the entire hive blockchain. It's another day and time to share with you new features released by the LeoTeam this wee...

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catotune61@catotune-an hour ago
Catotune's Top Battles Rundown: Champion league, Wild format - Apr 1, 2023

In this series, I analyze the top battles of the day to reveal which summoners and monsters are most successful for a given league and format. What better way to improve our Splint...

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George Dee69
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@george-dee-an hour ago
The need for Smart Spending.

The world is evolving into a smart world, we now have smart homes, phones, cities, and others. Some people are even adopting a smart lifestyle but it is surprising that a lot of pe...

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Charles Okeke65
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@fokusnow-an hour ago
Leo threads solve one major challenge of web2: Tokenization

The internet as we know it today (often referred to as Web 2) has a lot of challenges which gave rise to the need for Web3. From censorship and lack of privacy to manipulation and...

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wiseagent77@wiseagent-an hour ago
Massive Hive adoption is on the way.

This publication was also writen in SPANISH and PORTUGUESE. A little over three years ago, Hive was born, one of the most revolutionary projects within the blockchain network and a...

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@empress-eremmy-an hour ago
Just Keep Going

The first quarter of the year is over and I think we should all do a bit of self reflection to consider our expectations for the year versus the results we have managed so far. Thr...

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Lucky Ali73
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@luckyali-an hour ago
My Leo Goals Review Of March Month

Leogrowth started this initiative at the beginning of 2023 and this is my third review of this initiative. I set my target to 7k Leo tokens and currently, I have 3116 leo tokens in...

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@readthisplease-an hour ago
How Do You Secure Your Private Key?

Crypto should be the most volatile asset in the world, it’s a very delicate issue to have millions of dollars on a site or a cold storage that is very vulnerable. If it’s a hot wal...


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