Mind Your Business!

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There was quite the conversation this past weekend in the CTP Discord...

It all stemmed from last week's podcast where @taskmaster4450 and I were talking about the business mindset needed on Hive.

The approach is we're all a brand, a personal brand if you will. And if we want more people to follow us, engage with us and support us...We need to approach our journey on Hive as a business.

Obviously there is exceptions to this rule but overall, it's something I believe in....Mainly because I want to see my efforts on chain become my future down the road. I want to eventually make a living off my Hive experience, so I'm always thinking....How can I get more people to know, like and trust me.

But for some inside of the CTP Discord, the topic came up that....

Maybe some people, aren't here to build a business. Maybe they just want to earn some residual APR and call it a day.

And I understand that approach to this stuff....I think why a lot of us want to treat this like a business is because of the social aspects of this blockchain.

Now again, not everyone is 'social', you'll see plenty of people on this chain that curate and never say a word, but that can still be considered a business?

I digress...Because it's really a personal decision. How you approach this blockchain and your investment of time, effort and fiat into it.

But for me...




These are essential for my approach to this blockchain. It's how I've approached everything I've done online over the past two plus decades.

I learned this method of doing business from books written by Jeffrey Gitomer. He wrote over and over again, this little gem...

"All things being equal, people do business with those they know, like and trust. All things *NOT being equal, people do business with those they know, like and trust!"

So for me, it's simple. Do everything I can on this blockchain to get people to know like and trust me...

Breaking it down a little bit more...

*Know - I try to show up every day! I create blog posts almost every day of the month and make the commitment to do so. No matter what, I know it comes down to out of sight and out of mind. So if I keep taking days off, people won't...Know me.

Like - With my content, I try to have fun. Sure there is serious stuff I talk about, but I want people to feel like the can sit down with me anytime and have a conversation. That only comes from people...Knowing me.

Trust* - You cannot buy this! Takes years to develop and seconds to ruin. But the more I show up, keeping doing podcasts, writing post, Threading on LEO....I hope people come to trust me.

And what's the results of using this approach?

I get some fantastic engagement on my posts!

We always have a great engaged crowd on our podcasts!

And I'm always being rewarded for my efforts.

By no means, I'm not ready to retire lol But I don't think I'll ever stop on chain. Because while building a business may not be for everyone on Hive, I'm having way too much fun create, curating, engaging and building on the greatest blockchain online!