Good day to my CoinMarketCap diamond collectors. It’s time to make use of those diamonds and get rewarded with an NFT. I’m quite sad I missed the Thanksgiving feast NFT. But then I checked the amount of diamonds needed to claim it and it was 3,000 Diamonds. I don’t have up to that amount I only have 1,200 Diamonds. I really don’t know the authenticity of trying claim these NFTs because I tried claiming the Money Tree mystery box twice and it failed to claim even though I was on time on both occasions. I checked the complains on Twitter, apparently I was not the only one experiencing such. But then am not giving up, I will keep trying.


This particular Lucky Lion Black Friday NFT is quite cheap cost just 200 Diamonds 💎 and the supply is 3,500. They are only 3,500 available to be claimed. This NFT is built on Binance SmartChain, so you will need a Trustwallet or Metamask Binance Smart Chain wallet to claim this NFT.

Claiming your NFTs takes 2 weeks after redeeming it. To know how to claim it click here :

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