Thinking as a Full-Time Investor

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Being a full-time investor really does make you look at investing differently. The investing for retirement where you check on it every quarter and have most of it on auto-pilot (dollar cost averaging) just won't get it done.

This is something I have posted about before and wanted to touch on again.

Constant Options, Constant Decisions.

Personally, I invest in real estate and cryptocurrency full-time. In the post crypto will be the focus though.

When the market is just steadily grinding higher investing life can be low maintenance and there may not be as much activity needed.

However, when times are volatile then more care is needed. These times can happen at any moment, so its not like you can plan out your schedule for them.

When those times occur you must be prepared to act. The issue with that comes in all the options and directions you can take.

Endless plays, finite capital
There will also be more investment plays available than you have capital. Sometimes more so than others, but I personally can always find more opportunities to eat up any capital available.

Decisions Decisions Decisions

In this current market down turn I find myself wanted to make several moves, but then realizing I can't do them all if I desire to have any size in these positions.

Some desired moves:

Capital on the ready to get long BTC on a dip to 30K or lower
Shorting some BTC and some alts at current prices as a hedge
Loading up on BTC-BUSD and RUNE-BTC pools
Keeping some $$$ in stable pools to not become severely underweight those
These are just a handful of the things I have done and/or am looking to do.

The key to all of it is this....

Make an informed decision and invest in it with conviction
Indecision is worse over the long-term than the occasions that you make the wrong decision. Indecision will leave you with lost opportunity as opposed to just a win or a loss.

As I juggle my options, which again are more than what's listed. My focus is to be decisive. Enter positions with size that makes it worth it while also managing risk and keeping some fresh powder for any of the potential entry points a further sell off would produce.

There will be several plays left out, but the few put into play will be done with conviction so that if I am right, the return is worth the play.

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Rightly said, as a full time crypto investor like me, some times, it’s really tough, but then, the long term goal vision keeps me going.


Conviction is imperative. You will be bombarded by contrary narratives from the point of making the move. Research and analysis are to be the backbone of your thesis... anything else will be washed out via "stronger opinions"...

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Where are you staking your btc-busd? lps are a good way to limit exposure to assets while generating some cashflow

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