There are opportunities that come along in life that can be truly transformative. For those old enough, one that was major was the advent of the Internet. Since that started to get significant usage, it created a multitude of billionaires and more millionaires than we can even guess at.

Over the years, people who were knowledgeable about what was taking place benefitted greatly. Financial fortunes were amassed, some that will be felt for a few generations.

The one problem with this was that the Internet, especially in the early days, was very technical. Certainly, people like Mark Cuban were able to leverage it into billions of dollars. However, most people in that era did not have the technical expertise to even be aware of what was taking place, let alone to take advantage of it.

Fortunately, we are getting a second change (for those who were around in that era). Cryptocurrency and blockchain are going to generate even bigger windfalls. My guess is whatever we saw from the Internet in terms of financial prosperity, 100x it. That is how big this is going to be.

We are still in the very early days. It is often hard to envision how things are going to unfold. Nevertheless, many are assisting in trying to lay out potential paths that will be taken. This should help all of us to navigate what is taking place.


Life Changing Money

This is something that we discuss quite frequently. Yes it is true that not everyone is driven by money or being rich. However, we all should value freedom. Unfortunately, the world we live in today is driven by money. With it, comes power. This is what makes the establishment such force. It, and the people behind it, have such an overwhelming percentage of the wealth.

Cryptocurrency is our opportunity to change that. We now see a way, collectively, to tip the scale back in our favor. To do this, we all have to dive in and work towards that end. If they want to have a power struggle based upon financial resources, we can give them that. We simply can work to grow our stakes to levels that far surpass what we could achieve in the present system.

Here is where we will find freedom. By doing the things that change the financial futures for ourselves and our families, we can turn the tide while changing the narrative completely.

We are all aware of how financial slavery is the norm for most. Even the developed countries, which are the wealthier ones, find this to be the case. The majority of the population exchanges time for money. Thus, we see the term "wage slave".

Sadly, this is the bulk of the middle class. Even the upper end of that category finds themselves in this cage. Certainly, their incomes are higher but so are all those symbols of wealth. The fancy car, large home, and overseas vacations are mostly financed. Therefore, staying on the treadmill is required to keep the payments up to date. Stop that and it all collapses.

The system is well aware of this. For this reason, it encourages this behavior. It loves when people get into debt. Once this happens, the individual is done.

Cryptocurrency is a path out of this. There are going to be hundreds of trillions of dollars made by the end of this decade. The question is who is going to reap those benefits.

The opportunity is there for anyone who is interesting in achieving life changing money.

Numbers Game

Like many things in life, what we are dealing with here is nothing more than a numbers game. The masses far outnumber the few with all the resources. Hence, the minority at the top benefit while the larger percentage of the population actually props those people up.

Here we see the opportunity to doing the proverbial rug pull. In this instance, it will not be quick. Nevertheless, over time, with each transaction removed from their system and conducted in cryptocurrency, it is a minor shift in power.

We can see the speed and exponential nature with what we are dealing with. The present system, quite frankly, cannot keep up. We all should be aware of this by now. That is our ace in the hole.

Add this to the fact that we have the overwhelming numbers in our favor and it becomes easy to see the path to altering what is taking place.

For example, if we have 1 billion people involved in cryptocurrency, $1,000 apiece is a trillion dollar difference in individual holdings. This is not market cap but, rather, cash in people's wallets. For much of the world, $1,000 would be considered life changing money.

Remember earlier when we said this is going to generated hundreds of trillions by the end of the decade. Take these numbers and 200x or 300x them. Now we have a couple hundred thousand per person.

Will everyone participate? At some point, all will be involved in cryptocurrency in some manner. Hence, it is a sooner or later situation. Sadly, most opt to join later. They will not be the early adopters, taking advantage of the opportunities that come from that. However, from what we are seeing, there are going to be plenty in the future. We are so early we cannot even envision the potentiality of what will be around in 5 or 6 years.

The goal of life changing money is not so much about what is can buy. Instead, we need to look at it as the pathway to freedom; not only for ourselves but the entire population of the planet.

It is time for a new system and we have the ability to create it.

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