Hello Hivers,

Am glad to be here again, and today I want to share with you my first experience at the poultry laying birds. Thou I have witnessed some poultry laying birds before but they are not as large as this. I am thinking of venturing into the poultry business but to start any business one has to gain some experience to know about some tips. I have some friends who are doing great in the poultry business and I contemplating on what to do.

They say to start a business then one has to gather information about such business. So this is what I gather about the laying birds poultry so far.

This is the first time am experiencing such a large poultry and with the looks of things, I know it requires a large capital to venture in to such business.



I am so surprised to see a large poultry birds with a great amount of birds being for the first time. Thou I have come across some poultry farm but they are not as big as this.


The first thing I noticed is a space, because one of the most important thing to consider if you want to venturing in to poultry laying birds at large then one has to make a large space available so that it can occupied all the birds.

The larger the birds so the greater the responsibility especially when it comes to feeding, vaccine, and so on.

Feeding is one the most important thing especially when it's comes to birds laying animals because the more the feeding then the greater is the productivity i.e laying of good eggs. If they are provided with adequate feeding then the birds will be able to produce a healthy eggs.





Adequate vaccination is needed for the birds to strive because it is only when the birds are healthy then they can produce.

Presently these birds are in the range of between 4 to 8 weeks and very soon they will be transferred in to the cage which is already available for the birds where they will start to lay eggs.




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