Risingstar Daily Completed Missions

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3 days ago - 2 minutes read

It's been 383 days since I started listening to Rising Star music.

I am a fan of playing Rising Star.

I always start my morning with Rising Star.

My Rising Star Level is reaching on 97.This Level is Playing.

Ego% is 0%.

I currently have total 382 Cards in my Rising Star Game now. Here are some of the things I did in 383 days: |Column 1|Column 2| |------------|------------| |Total Fans |12381| |Total Luck |3228| |Total Skill | 30983| |Total IM|253| |Total Card | 382|

My skills are always improving.

Today and Yesterday, I Played Below,

|No|Mission| complete | |------------|------------|------------| |3|Mid Week Support |2| |9|Radio Studio Session |1| |13|Local Mini Tour Support |1| |15|Band Rehearsal|1| |26|Piano Lesson |1|

I fininshed 6 Missions Today and Yesterday.

Let everyone know that Rising Star is a must-try Blockchain game for the future.

Play with your precious time in "Rising Star" music game.

I am so happy to play about this game.

A total of 2921 missions have been completed. So I sharing Total Mission below. |No|Name|Total Mission | |------------|------------|------------| |1| Illegal Busking| 242| |2|Open Mic Night | 253| |3|Mid Week Support |138| |4|Licensed Busking|23| |5|Midweek Headline Slot |18| |6|Saturday Support |14| |7|Saturday Headline |86| |8|Radio Interview |199| |9|Radio Studio Session |81| |10|Shopping Mall Performance |31| |11|Record A Demo |20| |12|Local Festival Acoustic Tent |96| |13|Local Mini Tour Support |646| |14|Band Auditions|34| |15|Band Rehearsal|105| |16|Halloween 2022|17| |17|A Elfy Dose Of Christmas|7| |18|Promote Fan Club|41| |19|Record Signing |55| |20|Egg Hunt|3| |21|STARBITS Millionaire |100| |22|Guitar Lesson |70| |23|Orchestral Lesson |18| |24|Basic Singing Lesson |347| |25|Production Lesson |105| |26|Piano Lesson |69| |27|Drum Lesson |103|

Currently, I am buying and collecting Risingstar cards.

Friends, please share how you bought Rocards and how things progressed.

Thank you very much for your attention to the letter.

We meet again in the next game.

Have a great day everyone.