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mercurial970@mercurial9-2 minutes ago
The Rise and Fall of Charles Ponzi: The Man Behind the Infamous Scheme

A lucky few will land in the history books, but for the majority, our names will fade away. However, some individuals achieve such notoriety that their names live on forever. Charl...

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vimukthi74@vimukthi-5 minutes ago
# Splinter Stats Ranked Rewards Season 23 Report Card

@vimukthi We are very close to seeing resource production and new gameplay elements come to picture through the opening up of Praetoria. It is time to get your Plots (or Tracts/Reg...

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dirego168@dirego1-5 minutes ago
Rising Star Giveaway Mas ganadores Sorteo (diario) 3000 starbits y más 1 pizza

Rising Star es un juego en línea de estrategia y simulación en el que los jugadores asumen el papel de un manager musical que trabaja con artistas emergentes para ayudarles a alcan...

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kenechukwu9772@kenechukwu97-7 minutes ago
The Bait / Decoy (2023): A Grand Financial Fraud Scheme is served hot.

This show got me thinking hard about the psychology of scammers and the suffering of those that have been victimized by scammers. It's like, what goes on in people's minds when the...

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readthisplease76@readthisplease-7 minutes ago
Ethereum Layer 2 Bridges : Options Or Exploitation

Ethereum layer 2’s are a huge deal right now all thanks to the airdrops people are expecting from them, only two ethereum layer 2 roll ups have launched their native tokens which a...

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Bitkenstan_102 - Add it to my room.

A story about bitcoin, crypto, blockchain, and life. bitkenstan.com Transcript Fred: (on wrist slap band screen) Just say, "Call Satoshi." Stanley: Call Satoshi. (screen dials up a...

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vikar70@vikar-17 minutes ago
A Valuable Experience Facing Them

pixabay hello everyone, greetings to all of us, may we all be given health and success, on this occasion I will again try to participate in the weekly featured content organized by...

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Strategy Corner #17 - Even Stevens Ruleset

Hello Splinterlanders :) I have to say that I was really surprised that the last Strategy Corner post received so many votes. It was my record, but for me most important thing is t...

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dec.burn42@dec.burn-22 minutes ago
DEC Burn Report 1: 0 Burned + 9035 Awaiting burn

Hi all, this is the first report for the @dec.burn account. I will be posting this once every now and then depending on how much funding this account receives. As the primary goal...

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grumbold44@grumbold-31 minutes ago
Splinterlands - daily (28.05.2023)

I'm really excited to see the end of the season right away. Then I'll post my compilation and draw a résumé.

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Opportunities for US-Cuba engagement within the current legal framework (II)

"Opportunities for US-Cuba engagement within the sanctions regime" (Source). If the OFAC regulations aimed at Cuba —dealt with here from the perspective of permits and licenses wit...

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6 reasons why so many businesses collapse

image source It can not be ignored that so many businesses has collapse around the world. Many put in effort to build business for many years at the end, the business will collapse...

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Fun Mining Report for 5/29/2023

Fun Mining Report. This is the $FUN mining report for 5/29/2023. This is an automated report. All earnings from this post will be used for project development. How It Works startin...

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myothuzar68@myothuzar-an hour ago
Days 384 and buying a pack for rising star game

Image Source I have been playing rising star game for 384 days, and I am doing missions and buying cards (or) pack every day. Yesterday, I was unwell, so I didn't write a post abou...

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Splinterlands Gold daily chests today.

Splinterlands Gold daily chests today. #Splinterlands #Splintertalk #PlaytoEarn #Play2Earn #SPT #OPG #ONEUP #hivegaming #blockchaingaming #posh #hivepizza #LIFE #NEOXIAN #HIVE-ENGI...

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gungunkrishu77@gungunkrishu-an hour ago
Staking $FBADAO to earn $USDC - What is $FBADAO?

Hey All, I recently invested in the token $FBA and had staked it immediately on the Arbitrum network. Staking $FBA token makes your eligible to receive the $FBADAO token; which is...

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finguru75@finguru-an hour ago
The Daily Leo #281: PwC Tax Avoidance Scandal, NVIDIA Unveils AI Products, Gemini & Genesis vs SEC

Welcome to The Daily Leo! We pull the best articles in Finances, Crypto news and Hive/Leo into one condensed information packed space. Be sure to follow @thedailyleo so you never m...

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Burn Post

All author rewards (Hive and Tribe Tokens) automatically burned.

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Ask Leo: Is There A Probability Of Ending The Year With A Bull Market

I always believe there is hope in the progress of cryptocurrency and this hope keeps expanding till the expected turnaround of the bull market is experienced. Nevertheless we still...

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abu7868@abu78-an hour ago
Announcement Post on my Second "Who Am I?" event to be hosted on the Neoxian City Discord Channel

Greetings to everyone here on this great platform and special greetings to my lovely city members, I am overwhelmed and enthused to write and share this announcement post here with...