LOLZ Dividends Report for 5/26/2023

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LOLZ Defi Dividends Report.

This is the LOLZ Defi Dividends report for 5/26/2023. This is an automated report. All earnings from this post will be used for project development. Token earnings will be staked to increase curation value.

Farm LOLZ Tokens by delegating Hive Tokens

What is LOLZ Defi?

LOLZ Defi is a way to earn passive income on the Hive Blockchain and includes three components.

  • LOLZ Curation
  • LOLZ Farming
  • LOLZ Dividends

Each component works together to provide value to LOLZ users, delegators, and holders. Learn more about how LOLZ Defi works in our Introduction to LOLZ Defi post.


Forty percent of curation earnings are paid out as dividends to LOLZ Headliners (top 125 LOLZ holders) on a pro-rated basis weekly. Currently, dividends are paid out for two to four tokens per day, such that all pool rewards are paid out once per week.

The dividends are divided among all Headliners (those holding 512 or more LOLZ) on a pro-rated basis. The share for each Headliner is calculated as their LOLZ holdings divided by the total LOLZ holdings for all Headliners.

About the LOLZ Project

The LOLZ Project is an engagement project with the mission of spreading laughter and joy on the Hive blockchain.


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