There is a visible dormant dot in our social profile- we are silent on the question of follower base

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The follower and Following list even though existent does not make it to the headlines here(tokenized community) as much as your stake or reputation or engagement or We do not espouse those things when we flaunt status symbols.

But this is not the case when we use Web 2.0. The nos of subscribers/followers and the numbers of views are always predominant parameters to flaunt the status of a user/influencer on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

In Hive and for that matter any tokenized media agree on the network effect and they see engagement as the ladder to achieve that network effect. Totally fine with that, the only distinction could be organic or synthetic engagement.

We(Hive) as a Blockchain-based social community are actually in the naturalization process of decentralized social media. First, we decided to build a consensus that STAKE POWER(Hive Power) should be an integral part of your digital home and that should be a prerequisite to demonstrate your belongingness to that community. After that, we are in the process of building robust engagement to achieve the desired network effect.

We will certainly achieve a critical mass at some point, after which the network effect will become an automatic phenomenon, even though we will keep on expanding the user base, that will not be our central focus anymore.

The next step of naturalization will certainly return to followers and the following base and this phase will be a crucial epoch in the realm of decentralized social media. Today, U definitely recognize a Youtuber in the real world, U recognize the paycheck and it is no more utopia. It has gone mainstream.

When the follower and following base will become the focal point and becomes the central question in Hive, there will be huge competition among users. For the first time, the community orientation will return to the concept of individualism, after all, it's a question of recognition in the public sphere.

Now if we start drawing our profile today and extrapolate it to the future in the context of followers and following base, how serious you are about your followers base. You are certainly careful about your stake power, and you are equally concerned about your engagement because both are vital to earn an upvote.

Don't you think there is a visible anomaly in the way we perceive engagement? We vividly want to drive our engagement but we are silent on the question of follower base. There is a visible dormant dot in our social profile. We simply do not wear the luxury of a follower base (regardless of the presence of a strong follower base or not) because that does not straight away earn you an upvote. So why flaunt that as a status symbol? Just think about this by wearing Web 2.0 profile. U are nowhere in the scene without a follower base, your entire recognition and earning are rooted in your follower base.

The follower base can also be synthetic as much as engagement. When there is direct gratification riveted to the Follower base, in some form or the other, people might create a follower base of dormant profiles, which might again invite further scrutiny when start analyzing the social profile with an algorithm.

In the context of the network effect, the individuals are building that web to give credence to the community with the objective of creating a multiplier effect to further expand it and bring popularity to this chain.

After achieving the desired/perceived network effect, and after achieving popularity like Facebook or Youtube, etc(if not exactly, at least a fraction of popularity to feature in the list of popular social media) when the discourse of naturalization of decentralized media will return to the follower base, the approach will be an inverted cone. The community orientation will return to individualism.

What is individualism? Ans- Individual's existence, recognition, and celebrityhood. The liberal stream of thought promotes Freedom of speech, Individual liberty, Freedom of association, Freedom of contract, etc.

At the moment, as a community by and large we are focused on the utility of the community. And that otherwise means that we are focusing on the greatest happiness of the greatest numbers. That is needed to make a community mobile and reach a critical mass.

When the community orientation will return to individualism, it will shift to the celebrityhood of an individual which is informed by the imperatives of a sound follower base. It may so happen that the expansion of the user base will be informed by the influence of that celebrityhood. Some new users might start to recognize Hive as a platform through the lens of celebrated individuals in this community, just like someone recognize Twitter because he/she happens to be a follower of Elon Musk and similar other precedents we can cite to advance this argument.

In gist, if the follower base in Hive will get a new lease of life at some point in this long-drawn process of naturalization of decentralized social media, then why not work on your own follower base right from today, your follower base will strengthen your own social profile and will also contribute to the community. If the celebrityhood of an individual will ever become a window for the Hive Blockchain for new entrants, it can only be achieved by a sound, active follower base.

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