Investing in SIM and giving away SIM Round 40

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The winner is: @pulubengdugs

I like to promote the games of our beloved Hive network as a way to grow our community.

I'm going to start a series of giveaways on the DCITY game that I hope will be long. In addition to raffling 100 SIM among those who comment on this article, I will also use these raffles to bet on the liquidity pair of SIM:SWAP.HIVE so each raffle I will add 100 SIM and its SWAP.HIVE counterpart to the liquidity pool As my bet grows, so will the reward of this raffle grow.

What is DCITY game?

"dCity is a city simulator game based on Hive-Engine Non-Fungible Tokens. The NFTs represent assets in the game. Each individual card is a building, citizen, etc., and the total collection of your cards is your city. dCity allow players to optimize their cities in terms of buildings, population and income.

The aim of the game is to buy new buildings, but also use diplomacy and tact with fellow players to achieve the materials you need to grow and prosper. Obviously, there are several ways you can approach this, but we'll let you learn them on your own and test them out.

This is a numbers game, but with the added randomness of society. There will be events which can have either a positive or negative impact on your city, depending on how your city is built. Choose wisely when helping or refusing to help another player. They might need your help today, but you never know when you might need their help in the future."

The award:

100 SIM

The rules:

Simple, just leave a comment saying you want to participate

It is appreciated:

upvote reblog Any advice for improvement.

Participants in previous contests:

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