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l337m4573274@l337m45732-15 hours ago
Ethereum: A Brief History

The beginning It may come as a surprise to anyone new to the cryptocurrency space that Ethereum was nothing more than a concept 10 years ago. We had Bitcoin in 2008, but that was r...

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taskmaster445085@taskmaster4450-21 hours ago
Hive: Network Without Centralized Exchanges

It is time to ignore the centralized exchanges (CEX). There is a part of the community that Hive should focus on getting listed with some of the centralized exchanges. After all, h...

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taskmaster445085@taskmaster4450-13 hours ago
Disruption Is Here With Web3: This Is Not Hype

▶️ Watch on 3Speak We are seeing a massive transformation happening. This is something to pay attention to. In this video I discuss how this is different from a couple years ago re...

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edicted82@edicted-13 hours ago
SPK Network: Liquidity Between Hive and L2

In yesterday's CTT: Matt and Dan talked a bit about... well a lot of things actually. The episode ran for 3.5 hours which was a bit cray. But it was a good show. LordButterfly and...

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taskmaster4450le80@taskmaster4450le-10 hours ago
There Will Be No Collapse

You could say this is the anthesis of clickbait. Let's call it "anti-clickbait". The reason why I mention this is many headlines on social media like YouTube and Medium talk about...