End of Sale event and my strategy for unopened packs....

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Hello all @splinterlands lover and Hive friends

Hope everything is good at your end.

When the splinterlands team announced the release of the CHAOS LEGION packs I was very excited. I participated in the Kickstart pack during the Untamed and have some experience so I decided to invest a good amount so that I can get all the airdrop ards along with packs. The series was one of the biggest card series till now in splinterlands history. The pack quality for the sale was huge and this create some negative effect of price of cards also. More then cards in market les will be tha value. Afterwards the team comeuo with a proposal of buring the packs mechanism which was passed by the community and this helps in reducing the packs form market.

The packs will not be available soon for official market and present the End of Sale event is going on. The event is all about the purchase of last remaining packs and the buyer will be rewarded with splinterlands assets. The top buyer will get getting the 100 plots, second and third place will get 50 and 25 plots respectively. At present SPSWHALE is holding the top position with 8400 pack purchase.

The person at 10th place has purchased 880 packs only.

The positions will change as the event is approaching to end. The prices are too much attractive.

I am holding 650 CL packs and not decided yet what I will do with packs. The first option is open the pack and again I have multiple option (selling, renting etc) for cards received from pack opening. The second option will be Hold the packs and wait for the price rise. The previous packs got its value more after the officias sale was over. Will this be the case also for CL pack. If you ask me I wish for the price hike of packs so that I can get some profits by selling the packs.

Happy Battling.

See you in field.

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