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That's pretty fast growth.

The listnerds price is sliding and I am not seeing a big reason to purchase it since it is so readily earn-able...

I wonder what the team is going to do to keep it "high"

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Never even entered my mind to become listed as a top account.

DAMN!!...Now i have a target

You have no ideas what you've started, haha


Sounds like I started something good.

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Yes, someone did it in two weeks' time. He was just reading ListNerds' posts the first time I stumbled with him. The next time I know, he's already in the top 40. Perhaps, you can do better. That's the power of Enterprise upgrade! I've seen it several times. Though it sounds like an excuse, I just could not capitalize on it due to my personal situation. Good for you!


Well, that's the task not only for the team but for the entire ListNerds community. We are still too early in this game to be worried about the price. Imagine that out of 20M maximum supply, the total supply so far is just around 550k and only 4.7k is in liquid form. Price will go down if there are a lot of sellers than buyers but in the case of LISTNERDS, owners preferred to hold it long.